FAQs and help

Who would use this?

Trendying is a real-time tool that tells you, fast, where your target customers are likely to be.
It is designed for businesses that are mobile and can quickly move to meet their customers where they currently are.

A typical user of this tool could be a Food Truck, an Ice Cream truck, or a King of Pops vendor, who would find
areas with lots of foot traffic and move there to sell their products.

How to use this tool?
Trendying is build for speed.
There is no annoying signup, login, ToS mumbo jumbo. You are on your way to making more sales within minutes.
Say you are a Food Truck owner looking for more sales
1. Start by entering an address in the area you want to monitor. Monitor as many areas as you like.
2. The system will send you texts when it detects that one or more areas you are monitoring has high foot traffic.
3. Pick the best area to take your Food Truck.
4. ???
5. Profit!

We monitor each area you pick for 20 minutes and only send you a text when that area is expected to see foot traffic.
You can monitor any number of areas. Remember to name them well to avoid confusion.

What do you do with my phone number?
Your mobile number is used to contact you ONLY while your designated area is being monitored and is expected to see foot traffic.
We do not keep it stored any where nor do we provide it to any third party for commercial purposes.
We use Twilio to send messages